Kathy Peters has been a Silva practitioner since 2010.  The techniques made a huge difference in her life.  Kathy chose to become a certified Silva instructor so that she could teach others how to transform their lives.  In 2015 she received formal training from Ken Coscia, Silva’s International Training Director. 

Over the past several years Kathy has been mentored by Fr. Justin Belitz who is a renown international teacher.  She continues to teach Sylva Life System and Sylva Intuition System with Justin.


Prior to becoming a certified Silva Instructor Kathy was a training director for a fortune 200 company where she taught and mentored many employees in process improvement techniques including 6 Sigma.  Kathy also served as the President of the Power Speakers chapter of Toastmasters international for two years.

She has creatively applied the Silva techniques in her personal life and within her career.  There is no limit to the ways the techniques can be applied in one’s life.